What is the Alumni TaskForce?

The Alumni TaskForce is a body of lay leadership that is empowered to shape, own, and implement alumni engagement projects within the Reform movement. The TaskForce meets approximately every two months with regular communication between meetings.

Goals of the Alumni TaskForce

  • Increase the number of engaged alumni
  • Foster leadership among alumni
  • Recognize alumni for accomplishments and service that is grounded in the values of NFTY
  • Provide social and career networking for alumni
  • Provide alumni with opportunities for continued Jewish learning and growth
  • Provide a pipeline of mentors, program resources, leaders, and donors to NFTY and the movement
  • Engage current NFTYites as future alumni

TaskForce Member Responsibilities

  • Actively lead a project or program that is furthering the goal of alumni engagement
  • Commitment to collaboration with other alumni
  • Willingness to address challenging issues with openness and inclusivity that is grounded in the values of the Reform Movement

Current Projects

Below are some projects that are already in the works. Be in touch with us to get involved with one of these projects or if you have an idea for a new project!


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