• My NFTY Story: Doug Kahn, President, 1969-1970

    Reflections: My tenure as NFTY President, 1969–1970, came at an extraordinary time in America and world Jewry. I was elected either the day before or the day after (can’t remember) man walked on the moon for the first time—July 20, 1969…”one small step for man; one giant step for mankind.”

  • My NFTY Story: Macy B. Hart, President, 1967-1968

    Reflections: Shalom y’all. That was such a normal way to say hello or goodbye to friends as I started to meet the “locals” from my TYG/SOFTY (Southern Federation of Temple Youth) encounters. I remember that my older brother got to be in Youth Group and go on weekend trips to

  • My NFTY Story: Michael Meyer, President, 1956-1957

    Reflections: When I was president of NFTY a group of us put on a religious service for the Toronto Biennial in 1956 or 1957. It was called “God in the Daily Newspapers” and included current news items relevant to Jewish moral issues. It made a grand impression and I had

  • My NFTY Story: Robert Seltzer, President, 1952-1954

    Reflections: My years in NFTY (not just as president but a long and intense involvement) were among the most influential and meaningful in my life when I was in high school in St. Louis, Missouri and then at Washington University there. Inter alia, they led me to HUC, a Columbia University PhD, and a