• My NFTY Story: Rabbi Roxanne Schneider Shapiro, President 1989-1990

    Reflections: My most significant memory/milestone of my time as president was serving as president during NFTY’s 50th year. There was such an excitement about NFTY from the members to the Sisterhood to the leadership in the UAHC. We took so much pride in recalling the first 50 years. The celebration

  • My NFTY Story: David Barrett, President, 1988-1989

    Bio: David Barrett, 44, is chairman, president, and chief executive officer of the Gene B. Glick Company. Prior to joining Glick in 2007, David served as vice president-corporate counsel and assistant secretary at Emmis Communications Corporation, a diversified media company based in Indianapolis. Before joining Emmis in 1999, he practiced law

  • My NFTY Story: Jonathan Miller, President, 1985-1986

    Reflections: The most notable milestone was that I was the first (and so far only) second-generation NFTY President. My dad, the late Robert S. Miller, served as NFTY President in the late 50s, and his biggest accomplishment was the establishment of Union Camp Institute (now Goldman Union Camp Institute) in Zionsville,

  • My NFTY Story: Melanie Dernis Rosen, President, 1983-1984

    Reflections: The most memorable and significant event during my NFTY presidency was traveling to Poland in April 1984 as one of 70 youth leaders from 11 different countries on a fact-finding mission. The World Zionist Organization had organized the first youth mission to Poland while Poland was still under military

  • My NFTY Story: Dena Morris Kaufman, President, 1981-1982

    Reflections: I arrived at Kutz Camp for Mechina in 1978, my first national event, when I was CAFTY Treasurer (that’s CW now). I didn’t know anyone so I joined a laughing group sitting outside sunning themselves (no sunscreen in those days). At the center of the fun because her joy

  • My NFTY Story: Andy Hodes, President, 1979-1980

    Reflections: We had a busy year as the NFTY National Board in 1979-1980 which included a complete redraft of our constitution and by-laws. In the revision we changed our name from the National Federation of Temple Youth to the North American Federation of Temple Youth to acknowledge the participation of

  • My NFTY Story: Abe Morris, President, 1977-1978

    Reflections: Probably my most memorable memory of being NFTY President was my invitation/selection to the U.S. Youth Council which we discussed representing Jewish youth from the U.S. on various foreign missions, including after a number of high level briefings at the White House, to Israel and Egypt after the Camp

  • My NFTY Story: Larry M. Rickel, President, 1972-1973

    Reflections: As I reflect on my years in Temple Youth Group at B’nai Jeshurun, JFTY and NFTY, I recognize that period as the critical time in my life that shaped what was important to me, why it was important to me and what I could do to help people who

  • My NFTY Story: Stephen White, President, 1971-1972

    Reflections: As to a story—One that comes to mind was how amazing it felt to sit as SCFTY president at my first National Board meeting, seeing all these other regional leaders and talking with people like Carol Horn (one of the NFTY advisors) about challenges we all faced. My experiences

  • My NFTY Story: Mark S. Anshan, President, 1970-1971

    Reflections: Traveling to regional events throughout the year as President, speaking and engaging with NFTYites across the continent; appearing before Senate committee year prior as First Vice-President; working full time as President in NY at the URJ (then UAHC) headquarters and leading our youth contingent to Washington DC to demonstrate