• 5 Steps for a Successful Alumni Gathering:

    Find a friend (or 2) to plan the gathering with you—it will be more fun for both of you and will ensure that everyone meets new people Make it personal—you’ll have the most success with individual phone calls, e-mails, and text messages Plus 1—Inviting guests to bring a friend will

  • A Conversation with Concert Co-Chair Sean Blum

    Sean Blum has made a life out of his involvement in the Reform movement, and much of that began with NFTY and his involvement with the Kutz Camp. Now, he is the newest member of the URJ’s North American Board and one of the co-chairs of the upcoming URJ Youth

  • NFTY Alum Shari Berkowitz Reignites the Spark!

    Shari Berkowitz, NFTY North American Vice President ’74-75, has been reigniting the spark for decades. An alumna of LIFTY, Shari spent as much time as possible at URJ Kutz Camp as a camper, staff member and visitor. “I was very lucky to have lived and attended school in upstate New

  • Reflections on a NFTY Alumni Shabbat Oneg

    by Avra Bossov Identity. Belonging. Connections. Impact. The topics we learn and explore in NFTY that truly become lifelong thought streams, those topics we circle back to from time to time in the quiet moments of self-reflection. As a recent college graduate, and soon-to-be graduating again with my Masters, I’ve

  • It’s Time to Reignite the Spark!

    We had such a great time Reigniting the Spark last year, and we’re ready to do it again this year! This Hanukkah, Reignite the Sparks that inspired us as teens by hosting and attending Hanukkah celebrations with other alumni. Host a celebration at your house, in partnership with your congregation, or other

  • Smashing Idols Fellowship

    by Elle Muhlbaum Before my earliest NFTY experiences, I knew that I wanted to become a rabbi. I knew that I loved being Jewish, and NFTY provided an awesome and fun way for me to develop and grow my Jewish identity with other people so much like myself. I felt

  • We Took Our Feminist, Zionist Ideals to Israel to Fight for Change

    By Ronit Zemel and Liya Rechtman We had the privilege last week of serving as delegates to the 37th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, representing the Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA). During the course of our week there, we met leaders dedicated to the growth of Reform Judaism in

  • NFTY Alumni: Back to School Edition

    Compiled by Evan Traylor A few weeks ago, more than 50 NFTY alumni from all over North America came together to reconnect, share experiences, and learn from one another about succeeding in college and getting connected to Jewish life. Below are several reflections from participants on the inaugural NFTY Alumni

  • Former NFTY President Steven Coby Derringer (’87-’88) to be Honored by American Friends of The Hebrew University

    Former NFTY President Steven Coby Derringer, partner at Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar, will be among those honored by the American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) when he is presented with a Leaders of Distinction Award on September 3, 2015 at the Ritz Carlton Chicago. Steve, who served as NFTY

  • Launch of new alumni website completes NFTY’s 75th birthday year!

    Catalyzed by the year-long NFTY at 75 celebration that reconnected thousands of alumni, NFTY has launched a new website.