• Young NFTY Alumni to Create a New Global Jewish Experience in London

    Motivated by a passion for global Jewish connections, a group of North American alumni of NFTY-The Reform Jewish Youth Movement have organized a meet-up for young adults in London from April 11-17 in collaboration with the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ). Former NFTY President and current member of the

  • NFTY President Jeremy Cronig named to 18 under 18 shaping America’s politics

    “Jeremy Cronig’s experience engaging millenials stems from his leadership of NFTY, the Reform Jewish Youth Movement with over 8,000 members across North America. Since his election last summer, Cronig has deepened the organization’s social justice and political focuses. Under his leadership, he has mobilized NFTY members on an international gun

  • Millennial Study Looks Up, Prompts Hands-On Grants

    “… Stressing the focus on millennial engagement, the Union for Reform Judaism announced this week the launch of a new yearlong outreach fellowship. The first fellow, Evan Traylor, 21, of Edmond, Okla., will work alongside Union for Reform Judaism President Rabbi Rick Jacobs and other leaders of the Reform movement

  • NFTY Alum Evan Traylor Joins URJ as Presidential Fellow on Millennial Engagement

    NEW YORK, NY, February 9, 2016 — The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is launching a new high-level fellowship to strengthen its engagement with millennials. The first Fellow will be Evan Traylor, 21, of Edmond, Oklahoma. Traylor, who will graduate from the University of Kansas in May, will work alongside

  • NFTY-NAR Alumnus Alex Cicelsky Champions Sustainable Engineering at Kibbutz Lotan

    by Alex Cicelsky, NFTY-NAR ’76 Get out of the classroom, the office and the city: come learn with your hands – organic gardening from deserts to rooftops in Chicago, natural building from a bench to an entire bioclimatic passive solar house, sustainable technologies from no-water sanitation to greywater, solar ovens,

  • Ten Months in Israel for NFTY Alum Marissa Steinhofer

    Marissa Steinhofer, 23, is not best friends with Miley Cyrus. Yes, the pop star who played “Hannah Montana” is from Franklin, Tennessee, which is in the United States, which is where Steinhofer is from. But, really, that doesn’t mean they hang out. As Steinhofer was getting over this first hurdle

  • Alli Lesovoy Making Social Action Her Life’s Work

    If you were to track down Alli Lesovoy’s (NFTY-CWR) former high school classmates in San Mateo, California, those that didn’t know her well might say they never saw her after school – not on the court, not practicing with the band, and not in a language club. They might even

  • Appreciating Moments: A Reflection on Birthright Israel

    by Emily Kahn-Perry When I look back on my 10 day trip to Israel, I think about the people I shared my experiences with, the places I visited, the things I saw, the food I ate, and the memories I made. I could write about every aspect of what made my

  • Redefining Global Judaism

    By Andrew Keene, former NFTY president There is an entire Jewish world beyond the United States. In some ways it is comfortingly similar and in others strikingly different. It is our obligation as American Reform Jews to be part of a larger conversation and a larger movement, one that spans

  • From Generation to Generation: Kindling Light Among Our Youth

    This post by Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis first appeared on the URJ’s Inside Leadership blog. This fall, the afternoons seemed darker than I remember. Family and friends also noticed that on some days, sundown seemed to come along as early as 3:30 or 4 p.m. On Thanksgiving, I even said,