Amy Bebchick, Director, NFTY Alumni Engagement

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Ashley Tedesco, NFTY Alumni Communications Associate & Directory Administrator

Ashley Tedesco is thrilled to be working with NFTY Alumni, getting her first taste of the Jewish youth experience. Not a NFTY alum herself, Ashley didn’t actually get her start in the Jewish community until college, when she studied journalism and Jewish studies at Fordham University and dove head-first into the Jewish community of Manhattan. Trying to get involved in Jewish life at a Catholic university–even one in New York City–proved difficult, so she got involved in organizations outside of campus, including The Bronfman Center, the Hillel of New York University. During and after college, Ashley made the rounds in Jewish publications, working at Jewcy Magazine, Tablet Magazine, and the Baltimore Jewish Times, before getting started at the URJ. She lives at the Jersey Shore (no, it’s not like the television show) with her husband, son, and two dogs who think they’re people. When she’s not writing, researching or reading, Ashley can be found knee-deep in a pile of yarn, piecing together a quilt, or staging her breakfast to make for a good Instagram post. Email Ashley.

Evan Traylor, URJ Presidential Fellow for Millennial Engagement

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