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Arizona State University

CCEllieSingerEllie Singer, class of 2019 (NFTY-SW)

“This program excites me because it is a great way for NFTY alumni to stay connected to the organization, while helping the NFTYites see the full potential at all colleges. It is a great way how to make the Jewish world stay strong and connected after high school!”

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University of Arizona

CCTaliaCappozoliTalia Capozzoli, class of 2018 (NFTY-SAR)

“I’d like to be a campus connector because I think it’s a great way to continue to be involved with NFTY, though I’m one year removed. I’m very involved on campus as well, and would love to show NFTYites how amazing the U of A is!”

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CCElanKramerElan Kramer, class of 2016 (NFTY-SoCal)

“I am very proud to serve as a leader in the Jewish community at UCLA, and I want to inspire others to get involved on campus. I am thankful for the awesome experiences and opportunities that have been provided to me, and I want to work to engage other students and help them to live a meaningful, Jewish life in college.”

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Quinnipiac University

CCMicahCutlerMicah Cutler, class of 2018 (NFTY-NE)

“NFTY and the URJ have played such a major role in my life in helping me become the Jewish student and person that I am now. Being a campus connector would allow me to help others find where they fit in at school and express their Jewish identity as they see fit.”

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University of Connecticut

CCDanEpsteinDan Epstein, class of 2019 (NFTY-NE)

“Deciding on a college was one of the most stressful things I’ve had to do, so I would love to make the process easier for others. Also, I love NFTY with all of my heart, so I want to help NFTY in any way that I can. I know how important finding a proper Jewish setting was for me when picking schools, so I would like to help others do the same.”

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University of Delaware

CCBrookeGeschwindBrooke Geschwind, class of 2016

“I would like to become a campus connector because I would love to share my experiences with URJ alumni interested in attending the University of Delaware and give tours to those visiting the campus.”

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CCJulesIlianJules Ilian, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“I would like to be a campus connector because I have experienced how difficult it is to adjust to college life and want to help the newest class of NFTY alumni to have a smooth transition. In addition, I also want to assist fellow NFTY alumni find their own meaningful connections to their campus Jewish community, as I have here at UD.”

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District of Columbia

George Washington University

CCLexiChavinLexi Chavin, class of 2019 (NFTY-SAR)

“NFTY was such an important part of my high school life and I feel that it kind of cuts off quickly. This program excites me because it provides and opportunity to connect NFTYites once they enter the college world and have something familiar to talk about.”

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Florida State University

CCMicahFriedmanMicah Friedman, class of 2017 (NFTY-STR)

“Through my time as a part of NFTY and at Kutz as well as in my synagogue, the Reform Movement has provided me with a plethora of meaningful Jewish experiences that have shaped my identity and values. After struggling with the status quo of the Jewish community at Florida State, I chose to join the leadership of Hillel which was an immensely rewarding experience. I would like to help other students who come from Reform backgrounds to explore what it means to be Jewish in Tallahassee.”

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University of Central Florida

CCLindsayWrightLindsay Wright, class of 2019 (NFTY-STR)

“I would love to interact with younger teens who I have a strong past connection with. To still feel a connection to NFTY now, especially as a sort-of role model as in this type of scenario, would be such an incredible feeling to me.”

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University of Florida

CCJacobVisokyJacob Visoky, class of 2016 (NFTY-NAR)

“I am a pretty strong connection to the Jewish religion. I attended URJ Eisner Camp as a camper and counselor for 10 years, I went on the NFTY Israel Trip, and I interned in Tel Aviv during the summer of 2014. I am also a member of AEPI. I think it would be a unique experience to be a campus connector. Most of my friends are Jewish and I would be able to bring us all together for sponsored shabbat dinners.”

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CCMattKesslerMatt Kessler, class of 2018 (NFTY-STR)

“I feel transitioning into a new experience like college comes with a lot of questions, and maybe even concerns from a prospective or future student. I want to help alleviate those concerns, and through the connections I’ve made in NFTY and beyond be able to show future Gators what it means to truly be a part of this campus, and take everything this school has to offer.”

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Northwestern University

CCKimberlyFishmanKimberly Fishman, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“I would love to become a campus connector mainly because I love my school and I loved NFTY when I was in high school. I would love to give advice to anyone in NFTY considering going to Northwestern and to serve as a resource for them with any questions they may have. Because I am a NFTY alum, I feel like I would be easily relatable for any prospective student and could this give them a valuable point of view.”

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CCAriMoskowitzAri Moskowitz, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“I love to show my school off and tell people why I love Northwestern. I also enjoy mentoring and working with younger people.”

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CCEliPankenEli Panken, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“I know how great of a network NFTY can be and I want to be a friendly face and peer to those high school students who are interested in coming to my school!”

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The University of Chicago

CCJuliaUllmanJulia Ullman, class of 2018 (NFTY-NEL)

“I am a passionate and involved member of the campus Jewish community, and would absolutely love the opportunity to meet other NFTY alums and Reform Jews and create a stronger and more unified community here. It took me a while to realize that my days in NFTY may be over, but my connections to the movement and the alumni community don’t have to be!”

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CCRachelWeinbrenRachel Weinbren, class of 2019 (NFTY-STR)

“I absolutely love people: talking to people, connecting people, helping people, and getting people involved in the things they (and I!) love. I am really, really excited by the opportunity to connect NFTY kids to my university, meet them, show them around, and help them in any way I can. It is also exciting to have the opportunity to get more specifically Jewish kids on campus and involved here!”

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Indiana University

CCMaxLazerwitzMax Lazerwitz, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“I would like to become a campus connector because I was lucky enough to have resources in college (close friends, cousins) to talk to and want to give kids the same. I want to show off my university and I think that I know a fair enough amount of things such as the different schools within, Greek life, directions, programs, etc. to be able to inform a high school senior. I love IU and want kids to be able to see it in the best light, so that they can make the knowledgeable choice of what the best school for them is.”

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Louisiana State University

CCNickMayNick May, class of 2016 (NFTY-SAR)

“I’m excited to be an extra source of Jewish community on campus for those who were in NFTY but aren’t really involved with Hillel or their local Jewish community off campus.”

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Tulane University

CCTaliaGeschwindTalia Geschwind, class of 2016

“NFTY has had a great impact on my life while growing up, and I believe it is very important to connect with others who have had similar experiences. Through attending URJ Eisner Camp as a camper and staff member, participating on the NFTY in Israel summer program, and being a member of NFTY NAR I have been very involved. I think this is a great idea to unite NFTY participants on one campus to create more memories with NFTY.”

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Goucher College

CCRachelBrusteinRachel Brustein, class of 2016 (NFTY-CAR)

“I am interested in being a Campus Connector because I love Goucher and I would love the opportunity to talk to perspective students about my experience at Goucher. Additionally, since I was involved in NFTY, I think it’s a good vehicle for connecting with high school students and talking about both Jewish life and other aspects of the college experience.”

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University of Maryland, College Park

CCAmandaStaviskyAmanda Stavisky, class of 2019 (NFTY-MAR)

“I would like to become a Campus Connector to reconnect with the NFTY experience in a new way. Helping high schoolers transition into college life seems like the perfect opportunity to strengthen my ties with NFTY and meet new friends in the process!”

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CCSarahLaderSarah Lader, class of 2020 (NFTY-MAR)

“I have always loved that NFTY connects people all around the nation through their culture, and this makes it easier than ever to find these new friends! This program will keep make Jewish geography even easier to participate in and it will let students know that they always have a place they are welcome and a friendly face with a similar past in whatever area they’re staying in.”

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Framingham State University

CCYaelRothmanYael Rothman, class of 2020 (NFTY-NE)

“I loved NFTY and my time with URJ camps, and I want to stay connected! I’ve met a lot of amazing people through NFTY and I’d like to keep meeting more.”

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Tufts University

CCBernieBirnbaumBernie Birnbaum, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“Being a campus connector sounds like a great opportunity to maintain the spirit of NFTY in a college setting! I participated in an internship with Tufts Hillel last year that entailed taking Jewish students out to coffee to build community outside the walls of Hillel, and this seems like a fairly similar endeavor. With my brother enrolling as a freshman in the fall, it would be especially meaningful to help the class of 2020 adjust.”

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CCIsabelSilverstonIsabel Silverston, class of 2019 (NFTY-NE)

“I understand how significant NFTY is to high schoolers and how much their experiences in NFTY influences their lives. I think connecting NFTYites to NFTY alums to help them through the tough college process and what comes after is a great idea. Acclimating to college life can be very difficult and having someone there who not only understands the individual school dynamic but who also understands and appreciates NFTY can make the transition much easier.”

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Northeastern University

CCRachelShapiroRachel Shapiro, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“After participating in NFTY and the URJ Kutz Camp community, I have discovered how precious and valuable my NFTY connections and relationships have been and will continue to be. By being a campus connector, I can facilitate the continuation of these connections for others and the creation of new ones. Having a campus NFTY community is something that I crave and I know others on campus do as well.”

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Smith College

CCHannahElbaumHannah Elbaum, class of 2019 (NFTY-NE)

“NFTY was the highlight of my high school experience and allowed me to practice and explore Judaism in a comfortable and open environment. The connections I made through NFTY are still central friendships in my life and I want to continue fostering those relationships among alumni at my campus and with college students across North America.”

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University of Massachusetts – Amherst

CCGabriSilvermanGabri Silverman, class of 2019 (NFTY-NE)

“NFTY was such a huge part of my life in high school, and knowing NFTY alumni at UMass made the transition into college life a lot easier! I want to help current NFTYites make as smooth of a transition as possible, and I want to show them how awesome UMass is!”

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University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Maya Levine, class of 2016 (URJ Eisner Camp)MayaLevine

“I am a campus connector because I am interested in meeting more people on the University of Michigan campus that are/were active in the Reform Movement. I want to set up coffee dates, Shabbat dinners, and other fun activities with them! I am so happy to be a college connector because I love bringing a little bit of NFTY spirit to the Michigan campus!”

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CCZoeMcCoonZoe McCoon, class of 2016 (NFTY-MI)

“Knowing someone on campus that has similar interests and experiences is crucial to finding ones place on campus. I also am passionate about making people feel at home.”

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CCMeganBernardMegan Bernard, class of 2016 (NFTY-MI)

“I would love to help out any new NFTY alumni coming to the University of Michigan. I needed help transitioning from NFTY to Jewish life on campus here at Michigan when I was freshman and would like to give back to new students like myself.”

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Washington University in St. Louis

CCHayleyWolfHayley Wolf, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“I think this sounds like a great opportunity for perspective students. I definitely would have used this tool when I was looking at schools.”

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New Jersey

Rider University

CCHannahBassHannah R. Bass, class of 2016 (NFTY-GER)

“After being a part of the alumni call, I feel like there are many students on the Rider Campus that are not connected, that could be. I became a Campus Connector to do just that. I am thankful for my time as a NFTY participate and I look forward to continuing to develop my Jewish Identity.”

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New York

Barnard College

CCMicaelaSchwartzMichaela Schwartz, class of 2018 (NFTY-NE)

“I’d love to talk to students in NFTY about my campus life because both NFTY and Barnard have given me amazing friendships and experiences. NFTY prepared me so much for college and I can’t wait to pay it forward!”

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Binghamton University

CCJasonFlattJason Flatt, class of 2017 (NFTY-GER)

“I know for a fact there are a lot of formerly involved Reform Jewish students on my campus, and I want to bring them back to Jewish life.”

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Cornell University

CCAliciaGlickAlicia Glick, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“NFTY was a huge part of my high school identity where I learned to be my most confident and best self. Now at college, I have found myself constantly utilizing leadership skills that NFTY taught me. I want to be a campus connector because it will allow me to combine my passion for NFTY and Cornell University through one role.”

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CCLaelFrancoLael Franco, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“NFTY completely shaped who I have become and allowed me to have incredible opportunities and experiences. NFTY also helped influence my choice to go to Cornell in the first place and find a school that fit the community that NFTY I was looking to replicate in a college experience. That being said, it would be an honor to help young NFTY participants to find a school that they love whether that be Cornell or even somewhere else.”

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Hofstra University

CCBenVimontBenjamin Vimont, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“I’m excited to be able to stay connected with other NFTY alumni. Anyone applying to or attending my college who’s been involved in NFTY, I hope to reach out to and help them have an enjoyable college experience.”

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Ithaca College

CCAlexMcKeenAlex McKeen, class of 2017 (NFTY-PAR)

“I’m the president of my Hillel. I was very involved with NFTY and I love sharing my experience. I’m currently a tour guide at my school and love to show people around!”

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CCSydneyBrennerSydney Brenner, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“Since high school, Judaism and NFTY has shaped me into the individual I am today. Being able to extend that to the college level and help NFTYites understand their potential role at the college whether that be academically, socially or through Judaism at Hillel would enable me to gain leadership experience and foster a global connection with other Jews likewise to that in NFTY.”

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CCDanielleSchearDanielle Schear, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“I love my school and everything about it. I would be so happy to share my love for my school with other NFTYites who are considering Ithaca.”

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Nassau Community College

CCLevLathanLathan Lev, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“I have always wanted to stay in NFTY, and want to show that you can still make NFTY type connections in College. If I had someone to look forward to seeing or someone to answer questions, I would have been more excited to go to Nassau. I was a Big Sibling in NFTY and loved helping and leading others by being their guide.”

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New York University

CCBeckieHamroffBeckie Hamroff, class of 2016 (NFTY-NAR)

“NYU can be a very overwhelming place. I hope to make it a little less overwhelming by giving someone a familiar face.”

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Pace University

CCShelbyKurlandShelby Kurland, class of 2019 (NFTY-STR)

“Having someone who’s been through the college application experience, knows the college well, and can communicate effectively was one of the main reasons why I chose Pace – I was connected with a student who really opened my eyes to the school in ways that a tour could not give. I want to give this same opportunity to NFTYites who are potentially considering Pace, and allow them to see the school for its whole self!”

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Skidmore College

NoaMaltzmanNoa Maltzman, class of 2018 (NFTY-MAR)

“Two things that I really love are Skidmore and Jewish life at Skidmore. I would love to help prospective, current and incoming students also connect and find their own love for Skidmore and Jewish life at Skidmore.”

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SUNY Purchase

CCRachelEpnerRachel Epner, class of 2016

“I became a campus connector because the Jewish community on my campus is non-existent. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any Jewish students, there are many, but there isn’t an interactive and engaging reason to do so. Being a senior, I would like to unify my campus’ Jewish community.”

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Syracuse University

CCScottSlutskyScott Slutsky, class of 2018 (NFTY-NE)

“As a former NFTY-NE regional board member, I am still very passionate about NFTY and the URJ. I would be willing to talk with current NFTYites about the college transition process and am open to sharing my experiences. As an intern at Hillel I have a good sense of Judaism on campus and I am comfortable reaching out to and engaging Jewish students.”

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Alexandra Lockey, class of 2018 (NFTY-GER)

“NFTY and my local youth group were huge parts of my high school experience, so when I found out I where was going to college, I tried to find other alumni and older students I could try to meet. Unfortunately, at that time there wasn’t a network, or at least one to my knowledge, of people I could reach out to. The Campus Connector program is a great way for me to meet people with similar experiences and help them adjust to life on campus like I wish I had as someone new to Syracuse.”

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University of Rochester

CCTaliaJaffeTalia Jaffe, class of 2018 (NFTY-NE)

“Since graduating high school I have felt a huge gap in my identity as a Reform Jew. Outside of camp, there is no community surrounding Reform Jewish people of my age and I would love to enable the fostering of relationships between passionate, college-aged, Reform college students.”

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Vassar College

CCJasonGoldmanJason Goldman, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“NFTY was an extremely positive experience for me in high school and helped shape who I’ve become in college. I would love to give back to this amazing community, and being a Campus Connector is one small way I can repay NFTY for all it’s given to me. I also love my school and would be excited to be resource for someone who’s applying!”

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CCSamLehnSam Lehn, class of 2018 (NFTY-NAR)

“I was very involved in the URJ throughout high school and would love to continue my involvement. I enjoy building connections with other Jews who have similar interests.”

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North Carolina

Appalachian State University

CCJakeKalikJake Kalik, class of 2018 (NFTY-SAR)

“It excites me that as a NFTY alum and future “adult NFTYite” to connect with those who are interested in coming to my school. It’s also really cool that this program allows us to stay connected with NFTY and the URJ on our campus even though we sometimes may be so far away from it all.”

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Kenyon College

CCMattMandelMatt Mandel, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“NFTY changed my life. I am a better Jew, person, and leader because of the meaningful experiences I had at NFTY events. While serving as the NFTY NAR New York City Membership VP last year, I ran for NFTY Membership VP. I ran because I wanted to continue to create innovative programs and initiatives that would give Reform Jewish teens meaningful experiences and hopefully meaningful relationships. While I was not elected to the position, I would be honored to work as a Campus Connector and create similar meaning by connecting two communities I hold dear, Kenyon and NFTY.”

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Ohio State University

CCEricSterinEric Sterin, class of 2018 (NFTY-NEL)

“I look forward to being able to connect with more people who come from a similar background.”

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Oklahoma City University

CCCeliaTeddeCelia Tedde, class of 2019 (NFTY-SoCal)

“I’m excited to help bring NFTY into the college world, especially because college is such a big change from high school and leaving NFTY can be very difficult. I also look forward to being a Jewish resource to new students on a campus that currently has very little Jewish life.”

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University of Ottawa

CCEtelkaZieglerHazenEtelka Ziegler-Hazen, class of 2019 (NFTY-NEL)

“Being able to bring the Reform Jewish community together is what excites me most about this program. I have been involved for most of my childhood in one way or another with the URJ and I really think that there is nothing like being with those who share the same core values as yourself.”

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University of Oregon

CCJoanieMarguliesJoanie Margulies, class of 2016 (NFTY-NAR)

“Finding a community in college is a different experience for everyone, and I’d love to be a gateway between students and the Jewish community at the University of Oregon. The Jewish community here is tight knit and I’d love to use my experiences with NFTY and the URJ to connect people to it.”

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Dickinson College

CCYaelFarberYael Farber, class of 2017 (NFTY-NAR)

“I am interested in being a Campus Connector because my relationship with someone from NFTY is what led me to decide to attend Dickinson. A NFTY alum met me on campus and showed me around, sharing with me her personal experience and taking me to lunch in the Jewish Life Center. If it wasn’t for that friendly face during my visit, I would not have thought of Dickinson in the same way. I would love to be that friendly faces for NFTYites during their application process and time on campus.”

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Drexel University

CCAndrewKeeneAndrew Keene, class of 2018 (NFTY-NO)

“As a NFTY alum, I am always eager to meet current NFTYites and share my experience and transition to college. I have on many occasions met up with NFTYites touring Drexel and look forward to the opportunity to do so again!”

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Penn State – Abington

CCStevenMillerSteven Miller, class of 2019 (NFTY-PAR)

“Our Hillel is small and we are a commuter campus. I would like to help other Jews on our campus feel welcomed. Also I would like to expand our Hillel and make it even bigger and better than it is now.”

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Penn State – University Park

CCEmilyAkersEmily Akers, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“I’m excited to help other young reform Jews find a home at my college campus. I was comforted to know I already had a friend here and having an ally at a new place I was moving to was quite the relief to me.”

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University of Pennsylvania

CCScottRubensteinScott Rubenstein, class of 2019 (NFTY-SW)

“NFTY will always have a special place in my heart and if I have an opportunity to help out a NFTYite/NFTY alum and make sure they feel comfortable at their new home, I will not hesitate to take it!”

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Rhode Island

Brown University

CCBrianSolomonBrian Solomon, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“I love introducing people to Brown and think we have an exemplary Hillel that should get others excited – if not to apply to then apply and attend Brown, then to at least see what Jewish life on a college campus can look like!”

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South Carolina

University of South Carolina

CCRachelSchwartzbergRachel Schwartzberg, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“I would like to be a Campus Connector because I have had an awesome time at the University of South Carolina thus far and know that other NFTY high school students would as well! I was originally nervous about transitioning from such a large Jewish community at home to such a small community at school, but I have really enjoyed the small services and opportunities USC has to offer. I also have been attending Hillel and Chabad events throughout last semester and will hopefully have a chair position in the upcoming year.”

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Texas A&M

CCHopeBeitchmanHope Beitchman, class of 2019 (NFTY-TOR)

“I am excited to share how great NFTY is with other students and how your Jewish journey doesn’t end after high school. Although I am a freshman right now, I would love to be able to help students next year find their Jewish identity.”

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University of Texas at Austin

CCJoshHalffJosh Halff, class of 2019 (NFTY-TOR)

“I’ve loved getting in touch with NFTY Alumni currently on my campus, and I want to help facilitate that for current and incoming students with previous NFTY experience.”

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University of Vermont

CCAllisonSchwartzAllison Schwartz, class of 2019 (NFTY-NAR)

“NFTY had a profound impact on my life that I still feel to this day. I decided to go to UVM during the Saturday services of my Spring Kallah. I want to help the NFTY community make this life altering decision, just as it did for me.”

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Christopher Newport University

CCJenniferLeiderJennifer Leider, class of 2018 (NFTY-MAR)

“I would love a chance to reach out to other Jewish teens- to show NFTY-ites that ties to such an incredible organization do not disappear after graduation, but in fact grow stronger than ever.”

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University of Wisconsin – Madison

CCAriSecklerAri Seckler, class of 2019 (NFTY-NE)

“From suffering through countless info sessions and tours myself in high school, I have realized that finding a peer to talk to when visiting a college is so much more helpful in finding out if a university is the right fit. I would love to talk to young NFTYites about my school to give them insight about what UW is really like.”

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