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  • NFTY Alumni on Campus – Summer 2016 Newsletter

    As summer wraps up, here are a few great opportunities for our alumni on campus. If you hear about an opportunity that you think we should share, let us know. A reminder for entering first years: give us your new campus address and we’ll send you some alumni swag! If

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  • the-huffington-post

    Believeland is Rising, But The Plague of Gun Violence Demands a Response

    by Jeremy Cronig, immediate past president of NFTY On June 19, 2016, our city celebrated like it was 1964. The Cleveland Cavaliers rewrote the script on our town, replacing the nickname “mistake by the lake” with “city of champions.” We showed our true colors as over a million people flooded

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  • spencer5

    Naaseh V’nishmah: A Reflection on Orlando

    By Spencer Perdeck, NFTY Alumni Engagement Intern Usually when I take a trip to Orlando it’s to find a state of happiness; to make wishes and ideate dreams.  This was a different trip. A delegation from the NYU Bronfman Center of two staff members and three students, including myself, went

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