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  • jewish teen funders network

    Alli Lesovoy Making Social Action Her Life’s Work

    If you were to track down Alli Lesovoy’s (NFTY-CWR) former high school classmates in San Mateo, California, those that didn’t know her well might say they never saw her after school – not on the court, not practicing with the band, and not in a language club. They might even

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  • ekp53

    Appreciating Moments: A Reflection on Birthright Israel

    by Emily Kahn-Perry When I look back on my 10 day trip to Israel, I think about the people I shared my experiences with, the places I visited, the things I saw, the food I ate, and the memories I made. I could write about every aspect of what made my

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  • IMG_0751

    Redefining Global Judaism

    By Andrew Keene, former NFTY president There is an entire Jewish world beyond the United States. In some ways it is comfortingly similar and in others strikingly different. It is our obligation as American Reform Jews to be part of a larger conversation and a larger movement, one that spans

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